Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Mother of All Posts

Oh...the uber-post you are in for...

Hope you enjoy!

Ezra's 4th Birthday

Ezra turned a big 4 years on the 23rd. He was so excited and is officially "big" now. If you know Ez, you know that up until this last birthday, he refused to allow us to call him a big boy because, according to him, his hands were "still so little." Apparently they grew overnight because now he's constantly reminding us of how big he is. Oh, and yes, Olive Garden was as fabulous as Ezra claimed it was going to be. It had "lots of good food and spaghetti."

If you're wondering why there's a random picture of Georgia in all these, it's because her grandma sent her the quilt she made for her bed and so Georgia was lucky enough to have had a present to open too.

Thanks MiMi and Grandad!

In this picture, Ezra is in the midst of a scavenger hunt...lest you think I'm an uber-mom, I'm tellin' you now that I was just too lazy to attempt to wrap a big and funny-shaped present.

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for the "funny mouse movie." Incidentally, in this picture, I actually look like a mouse.

Like the Lego cake? It took me waaay too long to make, but I thought it turned out cute.

13 Nights of Halloween Festivities

Dirt & Worms

yes, you are seeing a picture of my fridge. The worms were a surprise dessert, so I didn't want the kids to see them while I took pictures

The results of said dirt and worms:

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to a fabulous local (free) pumpkin patch called Schaakes Pumpkin Patch. This place is FABULOUS. They have free hay rides down to the pumpkins. A cute little hay bale maze (which, incidentally, is verrry easy for kids to intentionally lose their parents in), and lots of other fun things to see and do. If you're ever in the area, it's a fall must-see.

They're just so darn excited to be there

On the tower of hay bales:

Yes, I know Ezra's making an odd face in this picture. Basically he must have seen someone pose all cutesy for a photo sometime, because that's what he's attempting. He's putting his finger in his "dimple" and puckering his lips. How funny is that?

In the maze:

They had a fun little slide in the entrance and exit of the maze

I loved this little set-up here. This way, when you come back the next year, you can see how much they've grown (thanks for the idea, Heather!):

(this was my only semi-successful one with Scarlett. I was attempting to take the picture by myself while Spence was buying our pumpkins)

We got to ride down the the pumpkins in this. How lucky were we?

Scarlett, in particular, enjoyed it

Down in the pumpkins:
(there was actually a lot more Halloween festivities...but I'm realizing how huge this post is going to be, so I just posted a few of my favorites)

Scarlett's 1st Birthday

Our little Scarli is all grown up and now a big one year old! We've been so lucky to have her in our lives! Although, as Georgia and Ezra remind me often, she still is a baby.

Our dinner of Candy Corn pizza

Thanks Auntie Lib & Fam!

Scarlett adores clothes of all kind. It was so much fun to watch her open her clothing gifts (which are typically every child's least-favorite gift), her eyes would light up and she would immediately drape them all over her body.

Thanks Mimi and Grandad!

Another scavenger hunt picture

I made a pear pie instead of a cake because I was pretty much all frosted-out from all the Halloween goodies and Ezra's cake. If you look real close you can see a flower within a flower cut-out on top of the pie.


Daddy started the morning off right with Jack-O-Lantern pancakes

We started out with a bang at Trunk or Treat:

Superhero Ezra

Fairy Princess Scarlett (minus the wings) with her Soviet Russian father
(Spencer and I were a little worried we were going to get lynched for dressing up as communists and handing out bread, but luckily people thought it was as funny as we did.
ps-spencer's hip isn't that weird in real life, he had a raw potato in his pocket that he'd occasionally take bites from)

Firecracker Georgia
(oh, how true...)
That evening...

A bad picture of Scarlett WITH her wings

My attempt at a picture of all three kids on our porch. Yeah, it turned out sooo great :P

The Morning After:

Spencer kept on making fun of us for organizing the candy. I'm the girl who likes to organize her DVDs by genre...of course I'd have to get in on this.

If you look really close in this picture you can see the method to our madness. Ezra was organizing candy by skittles, sweet tarts/smarties, and "small candies with ties." I was logically organizing by fun-sized chocolate, bite-sized chocolate, gummy candy, suckers, etc.

Georgia was organizing candy by Everything I Want To Eat.

Wow, are you as exhausted as I am? I'm uber-impressed if you actually stuck with it long enough to be reading this. Hope your Halloween season was as much fun as ours was! Now on to's almost time to bust out the Christmas music. yay! yay! (this is the one on my must-have list, this year :) Have a fabulous day!


Steph said...

K-so, this post totally made me laugh-out-loud. You are hilarious!! I loved, loved, loved every second of it. If you would have kept going I wouldn't have minded one little bit. :)
Ezra looked like he had a grand 'ol time for his birthday!! I love his blanket, cape, cake...everything!! You did a fantastic job!! I thought his mouse picture was hilarious, incidentally.

Yay for the 13 days of Halloween!! Those faces tell it all! They looked like they loved every second of it!
K-the pumpkin patch pictures were great. Funny, Cooper has the same shirt...did we know that?? Again, Ez made me crack up!! What was with his "cutsy" pose?? Made me laugh. Loved the impromptu family pic. You guys are too dang cute.
Yay for Scarli's birthday!! She is so stinking adorable!! It looks like she had a fabulous time draping her clothes on her tiny little body! Ahhh, a girl after her Auntie's heart. (yummo...pear pie! look at you Martha!!)
Naturally Spence would start the morning off with a fabulous themed breakfast. Maybe I could hire him out as my chef?? Your kids are darling for Hallowee!!! I loved their outfits!! You did an outstanding job!! You should be oh-so proud. So. Spence is downright hil-ar-ious. He makes me laugh so hard. A potato in his pocket--he eats!! Ahhh, gotta love him. (I also see you were successful in the Ezra wearing his underwear on the outside dept.--good job ;)
Ha!! I love your organizational skills. Only Whitty and your "didn't fall far from the apple tree" children.
I love you all so much and miss you tons!! Thank you so much for this was perfect.

Julene and Gabe said...

lol! I guess I'm not the only one who was catch up posting! Since you stuck with my super post of course I could stick with yours! It was quite entertaining! Your kids costumes were adorable, I admire your creativity! I always used to organize my candy too! lol.

I am so excited for the Christmas music! I am trying to decide when I should bust it out. I almost caved on the day last week that it snowed. But I decided to hold off a little this year. Just for fun. I am guessing the next time it snows it will have to be the time to start it up. :)

Aubrey said...

How fun - that pumpkin patch looks super fun. I never could find a good pumpkin patch this year, everywhere charged admission fees. How stupid is that? And the Russian communist is super hilarious. Seriously - still laughing. Happy Halloween.

Kim Lifferth said...

Dear Whitney,
I am in love with your blog. It is so cute and I love reading it. For real. I LOVE Scarlett's outfit-so cute. That is super awesome that you and Spencer were communists. And the raw potato...Leslie? Ha ha. Anyway-I miss you guys but I love your posts and the pictures. Tell Spencer and the kids hi. I love ya'll (that was for you, Whitney). Love, Kim

Smiley Family said...

Holy Moly, our kids were twinners! Great costumes! I love handmade costumes - so much cuter than store bought. I loved all your festivities and I will totally be stealing them for next year, especially the candy corn pizza and dirt & worms.

Alabama Apples said...

How do you do it?! I love EVERY post! This one was fabulous and you are as funny as ever. You always make me laugh and smile. bask in the glow of Whitty1 :) I don't know what to say except I loved it all...the costumes, the faces, the so-just-like-your-kids faces and antics. I had to read this a few times to soak you all in. The picture of Georgie going through her candy in her shirt and panties, Ez with his "pose" and Scarli draping herself in clothes...I can't get enough of you!!! I'm counting down!!!

PS- I've already broken into the Christmas music. Pandora already had it up, so to cheer up my days a couple of times this past week (yes, BEFORE Halloween)I listened and smiled. :)

Sheffer's said...

I'm so glad you loved the pumpkin patch as much as I do! :D I look forward to it every year. Did you find the patch with the ginormous pumpkins? They always grow huge pumpkins in part of the patch that are fun to take pictures of the kids with. You're right, Scarlett looked so cute with the wings! I love that you organized your candy. Do you eat it in order too? :D

Annie said...

Wow. You have some uber comments too... :)

My favorite was the chocolate-covered faces and I love that you were sorting the candy. Did it stay that way?

Chrissy said...

so much to say.

Next year I am spending October with you. Jack-o-lantern pancakes AMAZING.

Georgia is firecracker! that is such a creative costume. I love the lego cake and the pear pie, (I would choose the pear pie.)

And that quit is absolutely beautiful.

Justin and Jessica said... have been busy! :) Love the pictures and comments to go with them. And great job on the costumes!

Monica said...

Holy post! You guys have been busy! Love love love the costumes. They are all adorable!

The Wright's said...

I am in AWE at the amount of candy you got!!! HOLY COW! We got about a tenth - no less, than the amount you got! Save some of that good stuff for me! I've gone through the kids stuff - they got nothin', unless you count smarties and tootsie rolls. Blah. I wanted the Butterfingers and Kit Kat. Those were gone an hour after the festivities!

The costumes were great. I laughed at Spencers...awesome. I also laughed at the "attempted" group photo. I think I have about 10 of those! Love those kids!

Zachary said...

Wow! That was a super post! I am impressed.

Loved the chocolate faces! I can't believe Ezra is a "Big Boy" now.

And I think that Lego cake is amazing! Way to go!

Ashlee said...

I was bummed not to get to go to the patch this year! oh well..Next year for SURE!! I love your kids costmes!! So cute!!

Julia said...

The kids look so awesome in their costumes! And the lego cake turned out GREAT! Also your pie for Scarlett's birthday looks amazing! AND I bet the kids had so much fun with your many days of halloween fun!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

So cute!! I miss your family so much! I love the picture of Georgia organizing by "Everything I Want to Eat." She reminds me so much of what my youngest sister Melissa was like when she was younger!! A firecracker of a sugar queen! :o)

Miss you guys and hope to be back in Kansas soon!
(This is Alaina Larson from OP1, and I love blogging, just so you don't think i'm a stalker! It's the only way to keep in touch with the kidlets I left behind in KS!)