Friday, October 23, 2009

To my Ezra, on his 4th birthday

4 years ago today, at 8:08am, the doctor took you from my body and made me a mommy. That was the day my universe shifted. I had no idea how my life would change. Does any mother, really? One day, little man, they'll hand you a squalling newborn and you'll begin to grasp what I've talked about all these years.

Ezra, you screamed for the first 5 months of your life. I was kinda upset at the world that first little bit...but never at you. You were my ray of sunshine in that freezing cold, dark, little basement apartment. I slept, ate, and breathed you. You were the reason I got up each morning. I know you love to hear it, so I'll say it again-you spit up everywhere and on everything. You were soaked just barely after we'd get you dressed. Your grandma used to chide us that you were sopping wet and it was freezing cold outside. She was right, it was freezing and you were sopping. We'd change your outfit because it'd make her happy, but we knew you'd soak your clothes again within the hour. You were like our little toy, Daddy was always dressing you up in little outfits he'd think up, his wedding ring becoming your monocle and your burpie the Pope's hat. You were so pudgy and adorable. You had the biggest thighs I'd ever seen on a newborn and there was no mistaking that you belonged to anyone but your Daddy. After we hit about 5 months, you seemed to decide that the world was an alright place and you figured you might stick around for a bit. That's when you became happy. You were still my temperamental little man (what else is new?), but you were suddenly a happy baby and everyone in our new ward fell in love with you. You were so sick so often that first year, but you just smiled through it all. You were our little trooper and it wasn't long before all the nurses at the BYU Health Center knew you by name. By the end of the first year, you brought me so much joy, I couldn't help but want another one. You made me *that* happy.

"[cough, cough] I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop. It's not very well ventilated down there."

Takin' a hike at Bridal Veil Falls

Reading books
(which, other than destroying things, was your very favorite pastime)

Ezra, honey, I can't believe you've been in my arms now for 4 long and short years. You're such a smart, independent, stubborn little boy. You're always shocking and amusing me with the things you say and the ideas you come up with. You're such a wonderful big brother. You love your sisters so much, and they're so lucky to have you. The girls just adore their Ezzie. You have helped me grow and learn so much. Thank you for choosing me as your mother and us as your family.

The birthday boy

We love you sooo much, sweetheart! Happy birthday, my big 4 year old!

Love, Mom


Catherine said...

4 years old?.. well why don't you have a job already? its time to be out on your own bud!.. get a packin... Just kiddin.. the big 4!... Happy Birthday Ezra!

Megan said...

Aww, so sweet! I can't believe Ezra is 4! He was just a baby when we met you guys:) Happy Birthday, Ezra!

Adrienne said...

4 years already! crazy!

And you know what I liked most about your last post. The non-chalant post about the smudged lens on the camera like it's totally normal. I so know what you mean. Every time I get ours out, the kids want to take pictures which inevitably gets fingerprints on the lens. Oh well.

Alabama Apples said...

Oh little Ez, you so aren't little anymore! Auntie Lib loves you so much my heart hurts thinking of you sometimes! I love your mind and laugh at your idiosyncrasies. You are a sunshine in my world, too, when you want to hold my hand and hang out with me. I love you!!!

Whit, what a beautiful post (as yours always are!!). He is so big and we are so blessed Heavenly Father put our family together as He did. Each member is so special and just right...I can't imagine it any other way and would never want it different.

Birthday hugs and kisses!!!

Mack Daddy said...

Happy birthday ez!!!!! your uncle mack loves you bud !!!!! your such a big boy!!! man i can remember when you were born then you grew up to be my little horse loving buddy i miss you tones!!! and love you sooooo much!!!!! thanks whit for the post it actualy made me tear up a little bit it is such a great post!!!!! i miss you tones and hope to see and talk to you soon :)

Kaila said...

Happy birthday Ezra!!!

Steph said...

Happy birthday, Little Man!! There are so many people who love you!! You are such a wonderful little guy and you brighten our world. You are so smart and we love to watch your wheels spinnin'. I am so grateful to be your Auntie and to cuddle and snuggle with you and give you kisses. I hope that you have a super day and know that we are thinking about you!!
Thank you for your post, Whitty. You always say things so eloquently. Thank you for your sacrifice to have your little man. I am blessed because you chose to bring Ezra into the world. I am a happier person because I know and love Ezra.

Zachary said...

Whit...that was a beautiful post. Very beautiful.

Happy Birthday Ezra! You are a good boy and will be a great man. Have a great one!

Coty said...

Aw, melting!!!
Ez will love to read that one day! It will probably bring a tear to his eye.
It's so wonderful, the emotions our children envoke in us (well, mostly wonderful ;) and it draws us far closer to the Spirit, too.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

holyoak said...

Great post Whit. Happy Birthday Ezra! Love you little man! Granddad sure loves you and your sisters!

thereadingmother0708 said...

How sweet, what a big boy! I totally feel you about the wet baby stuff. Warner had bad reflux and I had the same feelings, it was rough!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Ezra! You are one lucky boy to have such a great mother who absolutely adores you! She's amazing, remember that.