Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To my Scarlett, on her 1st birthday

(I know, I know, this blog has turned to mush, but you didn't think I could do one and not the other, did you?!?)

Baby girl, words cannot express how much joy you've brought into my life and my home. It was one very short and long year ago that I pushed you from my body at 9:20pm. You gave me my perfect natural birth that I had longed for...let's just say I should've taken it as a sign that everything you touch turns to gold. The nurse handed you to me and I was in awe of your full head of dark hair and blue eyes so dark they looked almost brown. You were, and are, so beautiful.

It's no secret that I wasn't any too thrilled when I found out I was pregnant with you, Scarlett. We wanted to have you, just not quite as soon as you decided to come. Georgia was still so young when I got that positive test result, heck Ezra wasn't all that much older, either. I cried...a lot...but you know what, sweetie, even then I wouldn't have traded you for anything. Heavenly Father decided to send us to you when he did, and I always knew there was a reason.

Now, looking back on the last year, I can't help but wonder if it wasn't to bring joy to our family in such a stressful period of time. I've had a bit of a rough year, what with the thesis, our move, and both Georgia and Ezra being in high-maintenance phases. While you added the normal newborn stresses and strains, it was definitely the minimum. Mostly you've just brought smiles and laughter into our home. You have that huge smile on such a small, pixie-like face and body. When one sees it, they can't help but smile back. You've been one of the happiest, easiest babies I've ever known. I think the Lord knew I needed you now or I wouldn't have made it through the year. Who would've known that so much happiness could come in such a teeny-tiny package? You spread joy around you like glitter.

You are one of the wiggliest babies I've ever held and have been for most of your life. You are so squirmy that the mere act of holding you is difficult and as soon as I put you down you're off like a shot. You're so little, and always have been, that people often mistake you for 2-3 months younger than you really are. Then they see how active and alert you are and guess much more accurately. You love your brother and sister so much! You follow them around like an eager little puppy dog and "Ezra" was your 3rd word (I suspect there's a "Georgia" in there, but I don't hear it often enough to confirm). You love shoe shopping almost more than any girl I know (beaten only by Auntie Stephie, MiMi, and Cousin Ella) and get so excited and hold your feet up for me to try on new shoes. People can't help but love you, Scarlett.

Little Miss, you are truly my sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You'll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please, never ever take my sunshine away.

The birthday girl in her birthday outfit

Happy, happy birthday Scarlett Caroline. Thank you for choosing to come to our family. You have made our home a much happier place to be. I love you, my baby, with all my heart.



Steph said...

Happy birthday, sweet Scarlett!! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your first whole year!! Your mom is right!! You ARE such a ray of sunshine!! We all love you so, so much.
Whitty, I love, love, love her shirt!!! You did a fabulous job!! It looks wonderful!!

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl! You really do have a smile that lights up the room.

Alabama Apples said...

Happy, happy Birthday, little one! You are so darling and do add so much joy to your family and extended family. Your smile is SO infectious and simply makes me grin for having witnessed it. Love you!!

Whit, LOVE her shirt! You did a fabulous job. Now you need to make some for my beasties! ;)

Steph said...

Yea, that I've read Lib's comment... You could sell those on Etsy. Hmmm, just a thought...

holyoak said...

Hi Baby Doll,

Mom said that you did a fabulous job on Scarlett's little shirt. I have no idea what Etsy is Steph, did you mean Ebay? Oh Mom said I am looking like an idiot, she just told me what it is... :) as Jess would say, UH, THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...

Mom says Scarlett makes her smile just thinking of her grin. She sure is a cute little thing. Another 'baby doll' I would say.

We love all of you and miss you deeply.

old dad

Annie said...

Very sweet! And "Sweet Caroline" was the song playing on your playlist... thought that was very fitting!

Megan said...

I love it! Scarlett sure is a beauty...just like her Momma!

Gardners said...

Beautiful, Whitney. Those babies are such a treasure. I couldn't imagine a more glorious eternal reward than having and raising babies forever! Miss you!