Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I found two ticks crawling on my body today (luckily neither had buried yet. phew.). Now I have the heebie jeebies and keep swearing my freckles are moving. ewwww.

One might ask, what was I doing that would invite multiple insects to try to make a home in my crevices? Well see, I'm headed down to good ol' Oklahoma tomorrow (for the next 12 days) and since decent lengths of time spent with my husband have been a little scarce lately, I was a little bummed about missing his day off on Memorial Day, especially since it's been a rough week. Darling husband that he is, he surprised me by organizing to work on Monday so we could have today (Friday) to spend as our own little impromptu holiday. yay! yay! yay! We spent the day doing a short 2 mile hike (although 2 miles is NEVER short with three small children in tow), roasting hotdogs and having a picnic, and then going on another 1 mile hike to get down to and back from the shoreline of a reservoir, because the kids desperately wanted to play "on the sandy beach" (turns out it was actually just paving stones in a dog-area. It looked idyllic from a distance, however). After which, we came home, put Scarlett to bed, turned on a movie for middle little and blondie, and finally got around to watching The Blind Side, just the two of us. In a word: blissful. Best day I've had in an eternally long time.

Oh, and speaking of ticks...Brad Paisley is playing in Kansas City tonight. I'm sooo wistful about it. Too bad I didn't hear about it earlier (because, you know, I live in a cave and everything. It's called Motherhood.), or else I totally would've jumped on it. Which is saying something, because Spence and I are totally not concert-goers. In fact, the only concerts we've ever been to together were two Neil Diamond shows. Ridiculing may now commence.

Ezra kept on insisting today that he had a "juice body." Apparently, in Ezra-speak, this means that he eats food, at which point in turns into water, milk, and, most importantly, juice. I tried to explain how food, nutrients, and waste all work, but he wasn't having any of it. *shrug*

Georgie is so excited about going to MiMi and Grandad's house tomorrow that she can barely see straight. She keeps talking about it and making sure that Auntie Stephie will, in fact, be there to greet her. Oh, and all of her princess dresses? But of course she must bring them to show her cousin, Ella.

I've discovered that Scarlett doesn't like water, at least not "in the wild". It would seem that baths, running water in the sink, and all manner and sanitary-levels of toilet water are a-okay. Lakes, streams, swimming pools, and even sprinklers, however, are to be avoided at all costs. She even started to scream and cry when I put just her feet in the water of the reservoir today. It'll make for an interesting summer at the pool, I suppose.

I've had Ke$ha's Your Love Is My Drug in my head for the last week. It's totally cotton-candy, but ridiculously fun. It reminds me so much of being 16 and absolutely head over heels for some equally love-struck boy. It's totally a guilty pleasure...I mean she has a dollar sign in her name, for heavens sake. Regardless, I still crank it up and shake my hips to it anyway.

Oh, for all you other cowtowners missing Mr. Paisley this evening, here's my fave new song of his (Spencer's been singing it all day today, so it's in my head too):

As I mentioned earlier, I'm headed down Stillwater-way, so if posts are a little scarce for the next week and a half, now you know why. See you then!


Zachary said...

So not fair! Your YouTube videos don't play in Trinidad.

I have no idea what music I am missing out on!

kristin said...

Hahahahahaha the cave that is motherhood. I agree. I have NO CLUE what is going outside my front door. Or my backyard.

I'm jealous of your day together. There always seems to be people in need any weekend Dave has free.

Thank you for the Eric Hutchinson. It made my day!

Alaina and Mitchell said...

Enjoy your dear OK, missy! Haha I love that Ke$ha song too and feel the same way about it :o) I'll miss your blog updates for the next two weeks! Enjoy the trip and be safe! Your husband is so sweet for arranging his weekend like that!

Aubrey said...

Oh you are so close. Must. see. you. And just thinking about ticks gives me the heebee jeebees.

Smiley Family said...

Yikes! I've never had a tick on me and I hope I never do! Have fun at your folks. A twelve day getaway sounds lovely right about now.

Anonymous said...

@Zachary: Yup. Most don't play in Japan either. I resort to Google Video. Works wonders.

As to the know Whitter, I'm, right there on the same page with the whole "It reminds me so much of being 16 and absolutely head over heels for some equally love-struck boy." I used to get that all the time. Though it was most often my being unrequitedly head over heels for some girl and having some love-struck boy after me. Odd how that works out. Anyway, thanks for the post. Enjoyed it as usual.

Erica said...

don't be ashamed of the kesha song. i love it and booty dance to it too :) and i attribute most of my ability to run to these songs blaring from my ipod!