Friday, October 15, 2010

Orange Watermelons

Did you know that Spencer had Ezra absolutely convinced last year that pumpkins were really orange watermelons? Well, he did. I was all worried he'd be that kid in class who would staunchly defend ridiculous notions because "my dad told me that" (and still do worry about that, to be honest), but even I have to admit it was friggin' hilarious.

Anyway, we started our fall celebrations off with a trip to our much-loved Schaake's Pumpkin Patch (you most definitely can't beat free).

I seriously adore this place. There are multiple play areas for the kids to explore (including a kid-sized hay bale maze). Here's some proof of the action:

Scarlett got the biggest kick out of this thing.

This is pretty much what Georgia does all afternoon long in our backyard...when she's not smearing wet sidewalk chalk all over the house, that is.

Who doesn't love a giant jack-o-lantern?

Nothing like pettin' a pig's rump.

(hmmm...I realize it looks like I don't really love Georgia all that much in this series of pictures. That's because Spence had the camera most of the time and he was the one watching Biggest and Littlest)

We made sure to stop and take the mowglis' measurements
(I've included the pictures from last year for comparison):

This year Scarlett (nearly 2)

Last year Scarlett (nearly 1)
(if you'll recall, this was the best picture I could get because I was attempting to take the picture and hold her up by myself)

This year Georgia (nearly 3.5)

Last year Georgia (nearly 2.5)

This year Ezra (nearly 5)

Last year Ezra (just barely 4)

This where Ezra was chillin' while I was taking pictures of the girls. I love the fun textures and backgrounds in this shot.

After playing for a while, we headed down to pick our faves in the orange watermelon fields.

Our attempt at a hayride photo while in-route.

Gotta love that Kansas skyline.

Like Father, like Daughter, I suppose. Heaven knows she didn't get that big ol' tongue from me (Have you seen mine? It's cute and little, I promise.)

This picture makes me laugh. I was trying my darndest to get all three kids to pose by our pumpkins. First, Georgia headed for the hills, as she's apt to do. Scarlett decided to cooperate and hammed it up (although in the wrong direction), while Ezra just sat around whining that "the sun was in [his] eeeeeyyyeeees." [cue obnoxious whiny voice]

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
This is Scarlett we're talking about here. All 20 lbs of her actually could.

The Loot.

On a random ending note...

So, we took away Scarlett's binky last week. She's having some struggles coping with things...especially at night...when she's supposed to be in bed. She does what she can, though. Like hide in Ezra's discarded jammies and pretend to be invisible.

The End.


Zachary said...

Orange Watermelons! That is awesome! I can't believe how much your kids have grown! Slow them down a bit, will you?

As for OK City...I loved it! And yes, I did get to Brick Town...that was a very cool area. I hope to get to see more.

Natalie said...

These pictures are awesome! It's crazy how much your kids have grown and changed. They're still adorable. We'll have to hit up this pumpkin patch next year with our little one!

Megan said...

ah, so much fun! i love love love pumpkin patches with the fun games. that is what i'm missing most right now. no such thing here for my kids to play at. thanks for including last year's pics to compare, that was fun to see how much they have grown and changed. your kids are so beautiful and handsome! loves!

Alabama Apples said...

Oooh, just what I needed on a Saturday morning as I'm ignoring my beasties and the dirty dishes (ok dirty house). I LOVE George's outfit!!! Fabulous!!! It is crazy to see how much the littles have changed and grown up. Scarli is SO much older! I cracked up with Ez's picture with squeezing his eyes shut. I can just hear him...
Spence is so cute. He's such a good Daddy. Love you, Spence!

Poor Scarli...give her loves from Auntie {{hugs}}

Aubrey said...

Love that last picture. I love your pumpkin patch too, I wish I could find a neat free one near our place, but everything costs. And I'm cheap. Ugh.

Caldwell Family said...

Oh so funny! Your kids are great! I love the Orange Watermelons, you got some good ones. :) Can't wait to see you in November!

Steph said...

What wonderful pictures!! You guys did such a great job!! I loved the pic of Scarli on the ball swing. Adorable. Thank you for posting pics of your kids from last yr and this. It was such fun to see how much they've grown. Amazing, isn't it?? You guys are so fun. I wish I could've been there to join in your harvest festivities. Miss you!!
p.s. I also laughed my way through the whole thing. You are hilarious. Some favs...petting the pig's behind, big tounge pic, squinty-eyed Ez, misdirected Scarli and who-the-heck-knows-where-G-is pic, Scarli actually Thinking she can push a pumkin...errr...watermelon as big as she is...and does, and ohhhh the pic of hiding in dirty jammies. I can't even do the hilarity justice. Seriously laughed my head off. Great form, Whitty, great form. :)

Triana said...

You are just too stinkin cute! What a fun fall activity! I love your little Mowgli's! I can't wait to meet them someday!

Oh, and if you need me to, I'd totally be willing to make you some holiday shirts! I'm working on some ideas for G and Smidget!

Jennae said...

I'm with Natalie! Scarli is definately a little girl now. No more baby, which is good if you need her to move an orange watermelon.

Monica Lifferth said...

Such stinkin' cute kiddos. :)

Kim said...

I can't believe how fast Scarlett is growing! She's so big! I sure miss you all!

And what are you saying about our tongues? They can still be cute despite the fact that they are abnormally large. Right? Right?

holyoak said...

So which pictures did Stephie take this time... ;) JKdn!
So what's up with the pig's hind end other than a dose of E. coli?

I love this edition Baby Doll.
So well written. Your descriptions are so vivid they walk off the page.

Sure miss having the crew close. Hard to take...

Sure do love you all.

Kristyn said...

Wait, are you saying that pumpkins really AREN'T orange watermelons?? And all this time I thought they were!

Fun day tirp guys!

Coty said...

FREE??? I'm totally jeal. I can't find anything this fabulous for free. Everyone here wants me to pay to pet the three goats they have in their back yard :(

Your hair looks so cute in piggy tails what a perfect time of year for them. And the kids are cute as always.

btw, Georgia looks great in purple

Coty said...

whitney, i have a site that i luv... it has freebees that you can print off right at home...a quick way to make a fun and put together party etc....they have some halloween freebee's right now! and great links to other sites with freebees as well. you can't go wrong with it.

Taste of Home also puts out a halloween mag every year that has great ideas for fun kid crafts, meals, desserts and costumes!

thanks for the link, too!

Coty said...

btw i picked up my Taste of Home halloween mag at a random Barnes and Noble run...i'm pretty sure they have them at walmart in the checkout aisles this time of year too though...could i leave you any more comments...sheesh! lol

Erica said...

oh that dang binky. we took addy's away a few weeks ago and it looks like we might finally be over it...looks like being the key word!