Saturday, October 23, 2010

To my Ezra, on his 5th Birthday

Oh baby boy, I love you so. You were my very first baby (I know you love to hear that) 5 years ago today. 5 whole years!!! It seems like forever and just a moment all wrapped into one. I know it's cliche, but when did you get so big? You're going to preschool and making your own bed (with plenty of coaxing and threats sprinkled in)...and I suspect that pretty soon I'll be fixing your tie for Prom and bawling my eyes out at the MTC. Thank heavens you still cuddle with me nearly every day or I'd be sunk.

All dressed up at preschool

Ezzie, you are so very different then me in so very many ways. The way your bright little mind works just boggles me, my little Engineer. Sometimes I think you're a foreign country where I, frankly, just don't speak the language. Praises be that we have Daddy here for a translator. Although, I must say, I've got one on him when it comes to your very strong emotional side...I'm afraid you got that from me. I know they can be hard for you to control and make life difficult sometimes (for both of us), but I promise they can be a good thing. They allow a person to feel passionate about all sorts of different things, which is one of life's greatest blessing, in my own emotional opinion.

Showing off his artwork

You love building things, whether it's with blocks, books, blankets, or bricks (and it's been that way for years). You're my little book worm and adore being read to and cuddling on the couch in the process. You prefer to eat excruciatingly plain foods (heaven forbid there's anything remotely like seasonings or sauce). You're convinced that you and your cousin, Gavin, are twins (a brother from another mother, right?) and I think Auntie Libby not-so-secretly adores it. You love cooking and baking with me and dancing around to music. Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, We Are Golden by Mika, and anything by OK Go are your favorites. Wearing jammies has got to be your most favorite thing ever and you'd stay in them all day if I let you. You're a great big brother and you're nice enough to let your sisters play with you and they love you all the more for it.

Ezra and his groupies

Oh, my Ezra. I love you sooo much it's ridiculous, or at least it would be if every other mother before hadn't felt the exact same way. You were my first and so you were the first one to show me it's oh-so-possible to have a big ol' chunk of your heart walking around outside of your body. Happy, Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Boy. I love you!!


The man of the hour

ps-In honor of your birthday, I'm sharing your verrrry favorite YouTube Video (and one of your favorite songs). You refer to it as The Ball Video, ask to watch it all the time, and have tried to recreate at home more then once.


Triana said...

Happy Birthday Ezra!!! (Seriously, Whit. You make me bawl!!! And I think my Gav and Ezra would be inseparable, they love the same things!!! ) Hope he has an extra special day!!!

marynott said...

awww Happy Birthday to Ezra. He is a cutie.

Love that music video

Sheffer's said...

Happy Birthday, Ez!!! We sure love you over here at the sheffer house. You and caleb are peas in a pod, and Logan thinks you're so awesome! :D

Alaina and Mitchell said...

How sweet!! You're making me all the more excited for my sweet little boy to get here! Happy Birthday, Ezra!!

Adrienne said...

Happy B-day Ezra! can't believe you're 5 already.

We love that OK Go movie and were just listening to Ring of Fire this morning. Good taste in music bud.

holyoak said...

LOVE the OK GO video Ezra!! Too cool! I really can see you doing something like that some day.

Happy birthday, Little Man. Grand Dad and Mimi love you bunches and bunches! Wow 5 years old; that's old. Wonder when your hair will be as white as mine?!

You"re Granddad's little sunshine too.

Love you!

Megan said...

what a great day! i can't believe your little man is 5! that means that my little girl is 1! i love your letter, it's beautiful. you are so incredible and i love your family! loves from france!

Alabama Apples said...

Happy, happy birthday, my little Ez. Auntie would give you so many squeezes if I could- so I'm sending them through the computer. Silly, I know, but if you close your eyes, maybe you could feel them. :) Jos, Gav and Gunner LOVED your favorite video! I can't wait to see the cool things you will make when you get even bigger! Hope your birthday is spectacular.

Whit- again, you write such beautiful words. It is crazy to think that Ez hasn't just been with us...forever. Gavin and Ez are so different, yet close boys. Just one of the reasons I wish we lived closer...can't wait for him to be big enough to come stay with me for a little while. ;) Give him extra big loves from his too far away Auntie!!

Monica Lifferth said...

Awwww, very cute. Happy Birthday Ezra! Bennie loved the video too. Thanks for sharing. :)

Steph said...

Sweet Ez, I hope you had a wonderful day!! I kept thinking of you and how big you are. You are such a wonderful little man and our lives wouldn't be the same without you in it. My boys adore you and have so much fun when we are all together. I can't wait until I see you again and give you a big squishy hug!! Auntie loves you, Sweetie!!
You are such a wonderful momma, Whit. You write so beautifully and you truly captured the essence of your little one. It is amazing how quickly time goes. I remember his exact birthday and how I wished I could've been there to cuddle your sweet bundle and celebrate with you...I guess not many things change. :) Thank you for your sweet son and being the amazing mother you are.

Zachary said...

5 years old? Seriously? How long have you guys been married? I thought you just met.

Hot dang...happy birthday Ezra!

Jennae said...

What a handsome boy!
P.S. Thanks again for dinner. I love coming to your house.

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy, or are you handsome now? Samuel and I looove that video as well, we watch it. A lot.

Gardners said...

Whitney, he's beautiful! What a wonderful young man he's growing up to be.

Brittany Hooper said...

Your kids are so darn cute. I cant believe it has been 5 years Time goes by so quickly with kids. one min they are barn the next they are holy terrors :-)