Friday, June 24, 2011

a million years

Seven years ago yesterday, Spencer proposed to me.  One of these days I'll give y'all the full story (it was fraught with humorous ironies)...but today is not that day.  I will, however, dedicate a song to real love everywhere and my real life sweetheart...because this is a song about real, everyday love.  I love it when an artist can take something simple and turn it into poetry and that's what Alexander Ebert does so well in A Million Years.  Enjoy!

ps-a HUGE congrats to my fabulous sister, Liberty, for finding this song.  Even bigger hurrah! to her for sharing it with her much-appreciative little sis.  I love having someone to share music with :)


Alabama Apples said...

Of course I love this song, too. Hooray for proposals...obviously things worked out well! Give your sweetie a hug from me and all of your offspring loves from their Auntie!!

I LOVE the lyrics, they are right on about everyday love.

Steph said...

What a fantastic song!! Mmm, love it. The fireworks of dating are amazing, but finding the pleasure in the everyday is what makes a marriage. Congratulations to another year together and another year of real, everyday love.

Leah Florence said...

what a cool creative video! Happy proposal day!! and a belated congrats on the new adorable baby. You have such a sweet attractive family.

Aubrey said...

I think having amazing taste in music is a requirement to be a part of your family. :) Happy seven year engagement-versary.