Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes Sir, that's my baby...

 No Sir, I don't mean maybe
Yes Sir, that's my baby now

Sorry for the long wait, faithful followers, but it's been kind of crazy around here (as expected ;).  Oak Gideon joined our family Tuesday morning (June 7th) and life hasn't been the same since.  The three older kids just adore him and want to hold him all the time.  He's a sweet little guy, although definitely on the spitty and gassy side...which is all too much like his older brother was for my tastes.  That's ok, though, he's adorable and we all fell in love with him the moment he came into this world.  He has just a bit of blond hair on top and a little bit of light brown hair old-man style on the sides and back.  His eyes are blue, as expected (both Spence and I have blue eyes, as do the other kids) and we'll see what shade they settle into.  Oak has a bit of a stork bite on the tip of his nose and one on his forehead, back of his head, and nape of his neck.  Let's just say he's well-loved by the stork.  Luckily none of them are too too prominent.  As for eating, he has a bit of a rough time latching on for nursing, but once he's on he's on for good and is a champion nurser from that point forward.

Oak's name comes from my maiden name, Holyoak.   So, his name is to honor my family heritage, along with my own father, who instilled in me a need to live up to the honor of my name.  Also, we just love the imagery of a strong and indomitable oak tree as Oak's namesake.  I can tell he has a mighty oak spirit in his little acorn body.

ps-for all you veteran moms and other interested readers out there, all the gory birth details are in the post following this one.

pps-sorry for the lack of daddy-son pictures.  I realized when looking over pictures for this post that Spence has usually been behind the camera not in front of it.
Now...onto the orgy of baby pictures...
 Fresh baked and out of the oven
A very tired, but happy, mommy and baby

Checkin' out the competition

 Georgie and Oak

You couldn't find a prouder older brother if you tried.  Ezra tells me all the time how he's trying to be a good example for Oak to teach him the right.

Baby-obsessed Scarlett thinks it's the best thing ever to finally have one of her very own.

MiMi (my mom) came up from Oklahoma at the drop of a hat.  Thank heavens.  I think it's helped the older kids have a much easier transition to have her around.
Oak in his home-coming outfit.  Ezra picked it out with Mimi the day before.  He knew he had to have it when he saw the sharks, his latest obsession.


 ...but give it some time and Scarlett's true feelings will come to light.
I couldn't resist a picture of that little wrinkly forehead.  Don't you just love them!

 Taken just mere minutes ago, this is the most accurate and up-to-date picture so far.  Isn't he adorable?

Well, there you have it, folks.  If you aren't beating your head on a desk already from the mere length of this post, feel free to carry on with the birth story below.


Alaina and Mitchell said...

SOOO cute! I can't even tell you how much i'm gushing over him!! I thought maybe when I had Nathan that I wouldn't think babies were as cute, at least not other people's, but I think it's just the opposite! He is just a doll!! We had the green and blue shirt little Oak is wearing in the last picture--I loved it!

L said...

Congrats! I've been lurking and meaning to tell you how much I love the name Oak!. I love family names with a twist (hence a little boy named Gibson). Also important to keep a straight and serious name in there just in case they decide one day their unique name is a form of child abuse and decide to switch it up. ;) He's lovely.

Steph said...

Ooooo, I can't put into words how much I want to kiss, squeeze, hold, love-on, get the picture... He is so beautiful, Whit!! It's funny how much I love him, and I haven't even met him. He is so, so adorable in that last pic!! I love the colors he is wearing. I think all baby boys look beautiful in blue and green.
So, I find it funny that your girls' hair look stunning in the pictures...thanks MiMi. Also, I seriously laughed so hard when I saw the "evil Scarlett" picture. Ella came over and asked me what was so funny. Ella is enamored with little Oak and wants one all of her own, too (i think she'll settle with taking yours home ;). Also, I think it is so sweet that Ez is being such a good big brother. Keep it up, Buddy!!
**just a little side note, Ella just informed me while I'm typing this, that when she was a bubble she floated away...mmmm-k.
Congrats, Whit!! I love you!!

Annie said...

Congratulations on your little Oak! Creative name - I've never met an Oak before. Love it. Way to go with the natural birth too!

Jennae said...

Oh man. I just want to snuggle up to that little guy.

holyoak said...

I find it interesting that as Gideon is introduced in the book of Kings, it was under an oak tree that the angle of the Lord appeared.

A mighty name of Oak to go along with Gideon's mighty men, the ones who remained vigilant, keeping their eyes on the horizon, even when they were taking a drink from the stream. Names that have virtue (as in pure strength).

What a fine little man! I am excited to watch him grow and develop. I am sure, with Ezra's fine example, they will be Sons of Thunder.

KT said...

Congratulations! He's darling!

Megan Tea said...

Congrats again on your beautiful family! I love the shark outfit, good pick Ezra!

Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh he's so cute. I want to be there to hold and cuddle him. Oh and it looks like Georgia has a bouquet on her head in the picture at the hospital and I was thinking "wow, that's the BIGGEST bow I've ever seen" and then I realized it really is a bouquet sitting on a table behind her. Just sayin'.

Adrienne said...

Wow! Congrats! great story. I can see why it would be hard to labor through throwing up. I don't envy you. But I am so jealous. He's so cute!

What a cute mom of 4!

Alabama Apples said...

I had to giggle at how fab the girls hair looked, too. That and the matching (but not too matching clothes-no hot pink shirt with hot pink bottoms) made me positive Mimi was there handling things. ;) How sweet that Ez wants to show the right! What little warriors you will (do) have. Just be warned...they will be beasties, too. I LOVE the pictures of Scarli!!! You are so funny! I also thing you are maligning the little angel...there isn't a mean or naughty bone in her darling body ;)

I want to just smell and squeeze and kiss on him. I want to give loves to his sweet wrinkly little man neck. Em has the same stork bite on her forehead and a little one on the side of her nose. He is definitely loved. Seriously, I am in a tizzy with wanting to be there and love on him...a month is too, too far away!!!!

Oh, Kit loves his name. He was a little funny about you using it, but then I reminded him it can't be our name unless we were planning on having more. He quickly was thrilled you used Oak! Beautiful meaning for such a strong little man

Kim said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy!!! And awesome timing on you part, Whitney. Any later and I wouldn't have known about this boy for a week! I'm so happy and excited for you guys. The pictures are adorable. I'm thinking about visiting sometime in August...I want to meet the little guy. I'll be checking around for plane tickets if I can't convince my family to go at a convenient time for me. Anyway. Congratulations! Tell Oak that his Aunt Kim loves him very, very much!

Zachary said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!! And I am just going to glance over the gory details...but appreciate knowing that they are there.

Welcome to the Family Oak!

Coty said...

Congratulations Whitney!!! I have a favorite uncle named Oak; I've never met or heard of anyone since him with that name-- it's perfect!!!
"What a Woman" going through natural childbirth unscathed! Good Job Mama! Enjoy soaking in that wrinkly baby in all his beauty and new-ness!