Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You say Ketchup, I say Catch-Up, part II

I officially hate blogger.  I've attempted three different times today to load Ezra's preschool graduation pictures and they all end up sideways. So...you get the one picture of the day that loaded correctly because it was already done landscape-style.   grrrr.

As I'm sure is obvious from Gee's Easter basket, this picture is from our Easter egg hunt.  I would provide you with more pictures, but all we managed to achieve was a heck of a lot of blurred pictures of the back of curly heads (and one not-so-curly head).  Not to mention, with the day I'm having blog-wise, they would've posted sideways anyway :P

Oh well...maybe tomorrow.

ps-on a random note, I had someone ask me if my kids were going to Vacation Bible School this summer.  After replying in the negative, that comment led me to a prolonged fantasy of how great it would be if my kids actually were going to VBS.  I'd get them out of my hair for a couple of blessed hours a day and they'd get to have gobs of fun while learning primary-ish stuff. Why, oh why, doesn't the LDS church do VBS!?  I'm thinkin' I might have to do some Vacation Bible School-shopping next summer.  Lest you think I have a problem with other churches teaching *cough*brainwashing*cough* my children...just ask Ezra to tell you his snack-time preschool prayer ;)


Steph said...

Oh, you are a funny one. :) Ezzie's prayer is so funny to hear. I think it is adorable. Thanks for the pic. It was fun to see...even if it was a solitary one...*sniff*sniff*tear* Oooo, I think that getting all the kids outta the house (minus ME) would be lov.e.ly! Sounds like a plan to me!!

Melanie said...

I went to VBS as a child when we lived in Alabama (hello, Bible Belt!) and loved it. I can still remember some of the songs we sang. Just make sure they are teaching the same Christian values!

Keep the Ketch-up coming... in all your spare time- ha!

Gardners said...

We used to do a joy school type preschool when Bethany and Paiton were young - I was sad that we've not got anything like that here in Stillwater. Anyway, went to VBS when I was a kid at my old church. I guess our church now just figures that they get enough at home and primary! :) Would be fun, though. You always have Cub Scout Day Camp to look forward to. Not that that helps much now. Those kids are looking so much older. And Congratulations on your new one, Oak! What a great name - can't wait to meet him.

Halley Carol said...

Is it "ABCDEFG Thank you Lord for Feeding me? "