Saturday, August 4, 2012

50 billion more pictures of my children and their cousins.

I know it seems like this blog has turned into Where We've Been This Summer, but I really must get all our travels down on here.  You see, blogging might be dying a slow, painful death, but I'm just not giving into it.  My blog is my photo album, my scrapbook, my personal journal, my baby books... Hence, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  promise.  As that is the case, y'all have to suffer through my travel-logs until I get all caught up and the wittiness returns.  Which it will.  promise.

Before that blessed day, however, you have to look at 50 billion more pictures of my children and their cousins.

poor you.

On June 30th, I participated in The Color Run.  I loved doing it so darn much!  I ran it alone this year and definitely longed for some company, so next year I want some running buddies...that means you!  It was the first 5k race I've run in the last 8 years and the 2nd one ever.   I can solidly state that I enjoyed it much, much more this time around.  It's nice to know that while I'm older than I was then, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm less healthy:)  Here's the proof!

The sleepy-eyed mowglis, attired in last night's jammies, of course, waiting for the race to start.

 Hot and sweaty after the run
(it was seriously so friggin' hot.  they actually started the race an hour early to avoid heat-related illnesses)

As you can see from the picture of me above, most of the color actually didn't come from the run itself.  Instead, it comes from the post-race color clouds.  Everyone that runs recieves a pouch of colored powder. At designated times everyone stands in a group, opens their powder, and throws it up in to the air, creating a huge rainbow powder cloud.  It was so. much. fun.

We couldn't keep the girls off the ground once they realized that rolling around was the quickest way to attain maximum colorage.

Scarlett showing off her not-so-hard-earned color

Can you see any girls behind all that color?

(lest you think I'm a boy-hater because of the lack of testosterone-laden pictures, rest assured I am not.  The boys just avoided the color like the plaque so they didn't earn themselves any photos.  so there.)

Before I ran the race, I spent a week-ish up in lovely nothern Indiana (I know, I know, it's all out of order but I'm too lazy to change it now).  My adorable nephew, Greyson Reed, was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  So...up we went!

(Note: 99.9% of the following photos were taken by my uber-talented sister, Stephanie)

Our newest church member and me
(see, isn't he a cutie?!)

 MiMi, Grandad, Oakie, and Grey

 I couldn't resist posting a photo of cutie-patootie, Emmeline.  This girl isn't a fan of all things camera-related, so we treasure the few smiley pictures we get.

Ella, Greyson, and Ezra

The Man of The Hour and his faithful court
Phillip, Stephanie, Cooper, Greyson, and Ella

After the baptism we attempted to take a quick cousin shot.  It, needless to say, did not go well.  It did, however, go as expected.

We love you, Grey-Grey!!!

One of the highlights of the week was a trip to Lake Michigan.  It's huge and beautiful and more than a little like the ocean.  I love true beaches.  That's just something you don't see all that often in the mid-west.

One thing I love about the beach? gorgeous, gorgeous picture.  I swear, you can't take a bad picture in that crystal light.

One thing I hate about the beach? sand. sand. sand. 


Warning: there are about 20 zillion beach pictures forthcoming (they're all taken by Steph too).  That's what happens when you have loads of chillun at the beach and they all need at least one shot to themselves.  Just so you know.

 Miss Scarlett Caroline
My happy, tender little soul.

 Independent Ezzie Boy
That boy is so content just to be his own best company.  He just kicks back and chills at the beach.  He's not easy in all that many ways, but he's easy in that one. 

Miss Em
I love this girl so. darn. much.  You have to work a little harder for her love and that makes it all the more precious.

The ever-photogenic Miss Georgie
Isn't she seriously a little beach bombshell?  Take away the pigtails and I swear she could be 16.  Heck, I still wear pigtails occasionally, so feel free to leave them in.  It doesn't hurt any that she acts like a teenager too :P

My sweet Cooper
This kid truly has more heart then anyone I know. I'm surprised it fits in his chest.

Ringleader Josiah
He's got every single cousin wrapped around his scrawny little finger.  That kid knows how to work a crowd.

Cuddly Greyson
Grey seriously gives the best hugs in the world.  He loves to spread them all around, especially to the little-bitty cousins.

Oh, my sweet Ella.  
She is seriously my girls' best friend in the big, wide world.  The all absolutely adore each other.  Not to mention she has cutest freckles ever.  seriously. I'd kill for 'em.

Mr. Personality Gunnison
This kid has more personality in one measly red hair then most kids have in their entire bodies.  I'm not even kidding.  He's exhausting and completely enchanting.

Stealthy Ninja Gavin
Gavin once jumped off a roof just to prove he could.  Need I say more?
(although I will say Josiah had a hand in it...refer to previous picture of Josiah for further explanation)

Ever-smiling Oakie
This one got more then his fair share of giggles and smiles in the line in heaven.  Just between you and me, I suspect he went through it more then once.

Told you they were besties

Scarlett and Mommy

I love nose wrinkles.
Fortunately, Oak is very generous with them.

Me and The Girlies

Is this picture not summer in a nut-shell?

Hope your summer is as summer-like as ours :)

The End.


holyoak said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! And without all of the stupid FB clutter, ads and nonsense. Surely Blogs will return as the "newness" of FB fades.

I love the uniqueness of a blog and disdain the sameness of FB. So hang in there my dear Baby-doll, I'm a faithful follower.

Love the summer pictures. Waiting anxiously for more!

Alabama Apples said...

I love the posts!!! Of course, I'm slightly biased. ;) You have such a knack of catching the essence of our beasties with your words. I love reading what you have to say. Thank you for taking the time to do it. I appreciate it so very, very much.

I have to also thank Steph for her fabulous photo-taking. She has a way with the camera that catches the spirit of our children. You both have such beautiful, amazing talents. Thank you for taking the the time to share them with us.

I had so much fun with you this summer. It never lasts long enough, but it has been oh-so-very worth it!!

Jamie and Jordan Sheffer said...

I love all the pictures!! looks like you all had lots of fun :)

Aubrey said...

Just letting you know that I did in fact read this, a long time ago. Just bad about commenting lately. Also, we must run a race together in the near future.