Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goin' to the temple...Part II

Moving right along to our 2nd couple of the wedding season, Mack and Cheyenne!  Mack is my youngest brother and is the sweetest thing ever, so we were all thrilled when a girl who was equally sweet, Miss Chey!  She fits into our family smashingly and we already love her to pieces.  We couldn't be more pleased when they were sealed together on July 28th in the Oklahoma City Temple.  It was well over 110*, so if we all look a little pink-cheeked and glisteny, now you know why.  Without furthur ado...

[warning: there are a million pictures here.  sorry for that, but it's just so darn hard not to over-load with pictures when you have as talented photographer as my sister, Stephanie, behind the lenses.  There's a few pictures here I stole off of facebook, from another sweet, uber-talented Stephanie, the couple's photographer (she also did my other little brother, Jesse, and his wife, Hannah's wedding last September).  I'll make note of which ones are hers are by putting a credit line under the photo]

Mackenzie and Cheyenne

Such a cute, gloriously in love freshly-married couple!  I just adore these two!

 So, so in love.

And now for the familial photo overload...

Oakie boy


One of Scarli's many silly poses

The ever-adorable Emmeline

Mr. Ez

The cute Humphrey boys, Cooper and (the ever-devilish) Greyson

 Miss S

 Miss G

Ahh, man, how I love this crazy face.

Me and the babe
(whose not such a baby anymore!)

How cute is she?  I mean really.

The Happy Couple

 Can't say I blame him.

Oak and Daddy

What can ya do?

via Stephanie
the necessary kissy picture

33 years and still going!
Love you, Mom and Dad!

Like I mentioned before, I love a bride whose not afraid to cuddle in a very white, very expensive dress.  Not to mention a bride who shares her flower with the same little one!

via Stephanie
This is definitely one of my favorites :)

The naughty girls picking verboten flowers

Daddy and Daughter
Ella and Phillip

My gorgeous Stephanie with Emme Girl

Cute Miss Hannah and Miss Ella

(plus one new one!)

The Boys

a quick squeeze in the midst of chaos

 One of my favorite reds, Josiah

Love these two!
Kit and Liberty

One of my other favorite reds, Gavin

The original sisters

via Stephanie
Such a good-looking couple!

Their reception that evening was so fun and casual.  It was like one big picnic with lemonade and BBQ to boot!  It fit Mack and Cheyenne perfectly! Not to mention, It was such a relief to beat the heat that night at the reception.  It was still plenty warm with so many people there, but at least it wasn't 110*+!

These two are as fun and laid-back as their reception was!

They finally got ahold of some flowers of their very own

In the words of Cheyenne's dad (he hit the nail on the head!)
My happy soul

Ezra fully enjoyed the mason jar lemonade
(even after he dropped and shattered one :P)

This one danced with all the girls.  He even dipped and twirled!  Such a ladies man!

Me and Miss S

Granddad is always good for some forbidden fruits

Does this girl not look 14 here?

What can I say? he's a fan of the sugar.
(love how he labeled it just in case)

Mack is such a great uncle.  The kiddos just adore him.

The Original Aunties
My cute Auntie Tracy (right) and Auntie Stacy (left) drove hundreds of miles to be there for this.  I can't even express how much I adore them.  They're the level of Awesome Auntie that I aspire to.

First Dance

 Phil and The Boys

 I couldn't NOT put a picture of Gavin doing the robot to Mr. Roboto.
Best. Thing. Ever.

All because two people fell in love...

    Heading off to the honeymoon
How happy and in love do they look?

Anyway, that's a wrap.  So glad you made it through.  It was worth it, right?  I just love both cute newlywed couples and am so, so happy that I got two new members of my eternal family, Cheyenne and Ben.  Love all y'all!

The End.


Alabama Apples said...

Ahhh, I love your writing and I love the lots-a pics!! It was a beautiful wedding and reception. It definitely git them! I miss all the cuz's smiles and I promise you and Steph rank up there in the bestie aunties ever!

cooper said...

Loved this post. Probably because I adore all the people in it. :)
Thanks for doing a uber-post on it. It was like reliving the whole thing through your adorable words and the pictures. I sure love those little kiddies and miss them to pieces.
Let's see...I have to throw in a couple of my favs from the post...
I think that first pic of Oakie is adorable. Love those baby blues. Those three girlies are so close. I love it. Who could NOT be thrilled to catch a smiley picture of's like catching Big Foot on tape. ;) I seriously still laugh at the "devil pic" of Grey. Seriously what were the chances of that angle and the coloring behind him to make it look just like horns. I guess the truth can't be hidden. ;) I love, love that impish picture of Gun. He is such a character. So cute. That pic of you and Oakie is frame-able. I also loved the pic of Elle. I remember when I took it the blue matched her eyes. The fountain picture captured what we were all feeling. I remember taking it and thinking, "I am so not stopping him. I only wish I could be doing that too". :) The picture of Jos with the pine cone. I love it. He does remind me of Orville Redenbacher for some reason... In the reception pic of Scarlett...she juts exudes sunshine. I sure love that girl. Also, one of my all-time favs is Ez and his candy. I loved how his name is on the bag. So cute. Oooo, there are so many to mention... I think my number one favorite for the day was....Mr. Roboto. I don't think I'll ever forget that. Seriously one of my all-time favorite memories--ever. K. I'll stop...not because I couldn't go one, 'cause I know you know I could. ;) Yay!! Thanks for the post. Loved every bit of it.
Also, this will post as cooper, it's not...I still need to fix the bleepin' thing.

holyoak said...

Seemed a little violent at first Whit, "smashingly and we already love her to pieces"! Wicked...

Love the post this is good and without all of the FB distractions!!

Be happy, such as in Scarlet style!

Melanie said...

Such a beautiful family, and I LOVE your dress! You're looking fabulous!