Monday, August 27, 2012

Goin' to the temple... Part I

...and we're gonaa get married
Goin' to the temple of love!

Please sing that to the tune of The Chapel of Love by The Dixie Cups.

I'll wait.

Actually, I can't resist...

Ok, now that that's out of the way...

(did you see those flash-frame back-up dancers?  yowza.)

We had 2 different lovely weddings to attend this summer.  First off, can I tell you how excited I was?!  So. darn. excited.  Other than pregnancy and baby names, wedding talk is my very favorite discussion in the whole wide world.  This spring and summer provided me gobs of flowers, lace, and invite discussion.  I loved every single minute of it.

Anyway, the first couple of the season was Spencer's little sister, Kim, and her oh-so-handsome brand-spankin' new husband, Ben.  They got married June 8th in the Provo Temple.  We'll start with them first for this post.

Kim & Ben

(Unfortunately my camera died right before the wedding, so a HUGE thanks to Kim, whose facebook page I shamelessly stole most of these photos off.  They were taken by Bridgett, her uber-talented and adorable cousin.  If it's not from Kim and Bridgett, I'll give credit under the actual picture.)

How adorable are they?

Freakishly adorable.  That's how much.
Please just ignore my daughter's random head in the last shot and instead focus on the freshly-sealed and intoxicatingly happy bride and groom.

The happy couple with the folks that started it all.
I have to brag a bit about my mom-in-law, Carole's, outfit.  Kim and I pieced it together for her and insisted she try it all on, even though she normally wouldn't have tried a pencil skirt in a million, billion years (a white one, no less!).  To top it all off...we got the lady in heels.  She looked absolutely smashing.

The Girls

The chillun
This isn't the "official" kids shot, but it's still my favorite anyway.  You just can't beat a shot of Scarlett flirting up a storm, Ezra showing his typical silliness, and Georgia exerting control over her minion.

The whole crazy fam
(minus my crazy mowglis)

These three girls absolutely adore each other.  It's the sweetest thing ever.
Kim was so darn cute and even sent them their very own thank you card and wedding pictures to put up in their room.  How sweet is that?!


 This picture just melts my heart.  It really is worth a thousand words.

I love a bride whose not afraid to cuddle with a baby while in a very white, very expensive dress.

Love these handsome boys!
(I better think they're handsome since, heaven knows, my boys are going to grow up to look just like 'em!)
via Sarah
My girls were obsessed with the bridesmaid bouquets

via Sarah
Little fingers just can't seem to resist fountains...

via Sarah

 Spencer's sweet Aunt Merry Lynn couldn't resist taking a picture of us with our naughty posterity.

sisters are the best.

Uncle Kyle Georgia

Eventually, that evening, after much hard work and a little bit of stress we got to let loose at the reception.
It. was. gorgeous.

It was so much fun seeing the whole thing come together so smashingly.  It really did turn out just so lovely.

(thanks again to Bridgett and Kim for the following photos too!)

 The lower right was the lovely old house whose backyard the reception was in.  It was idyllic and the food (which the home owner catered) was  I have to take credit for the cake.  When it was delivered it was a hot mess so I threw some leftover flowers on it and made it at least presentable.

How charming was this reception?  seriously.

Isaac's little man, Mr. Taiven

I do so love when there's dancing at receptions :)

The First Dance
This is one of my most favorite pictures from the whole event.  I just love it to pieces.

Dancing with the niecey

  How cute are they? Spencer's Aunt Shirley and Uncle David are still livin' it up after all these years.

Heaven knows I love a good daddy-daughter dance

 Heading off for the honeymoon

Well, folks, I'm going to call it a day.  Promise I'll post Mack's wedding either this afternoon or tomorrow.  I've got to share all the wedding goodness that I can :)

The End.


cooper said...

Fantastic. I loved every second of it. It was all just so...beautiful!!
btw..the flash-freeze-frame dancers are hilarious. I probably wouldn't have taken special notice of them so...thanks for the laugh. It also reminded me that one time when we were in MT visiting grandma and grandpa we heard that song on the radio and I literally fought Mom and Dad that the lyrics sang, "Going to the 'temple'...". I guess there are worse things to argue about. ;)
Ella loved looking at all the pictures too and wondered who the beautiful bride was. So, so cute. Kudos to you, Whit, for helping put it together the reception and such. It almost felt like I was there with all the pics. Beautiful.

cooper said... still says cooper. i HAVE to change how did he do that??

Alabama Apples said...

Beautiful! Kim and Ben are darling and I LOVED the colors, decor, everything!! I especially loved the naughty posterity! ;)