Sunday, November 4, 2012

October uber-post, part I

I was hoping I'd be able to fit all of the rest of October festivities into a single post, but alas, it was just much too busy of a month for that to happen.  So, we'll do the two birthday festivities today and Halloween stuff tomorrow or the next day.  Enjoy!

Ezra turned the big 0-7 on October 23rd and then had his (very first!) friend birthday party a couple of days later.  To top it off, it was the first friend birthday I've ever thrown either, so I was more than a little nervous.  Spencer was gone for the first part of the week down to Little Rock, Arkansas on business.  He felt bad that he had to miss Ezra's birthday, but he made sure to be around for his party to make up for it.  Scarlett's 4th birthday rounded out our week of birthday festivities with hers on Sunday, the 28th, which was the same day as our Sacrament Meeting Primary Program.  We also had our church's Trunk or Treat that same weekend.  It was an insanely busy week, to be sure.

Anyway, onto the pictures!
(which we all know is the reason you're here, anyway ;)

 The big 7 year old all spiffed up before school

The Birthday Boy with is his Birthday loot
...and a pair of my socks.  It was silly sock day at school.  I was lucky and he picked a pair that matched his outfit and ended up looking mostly normal.  Georgia, wearing a pair of my boot socks and a sparkly skirt, just managed to look like a streetwalker.

 A very excited Lego lover
(note: you'll probably notice a theme in the rest of the pictures.  Ezra's a die-hard Lego fan.  Most of his gifts were Lego-themed, as was his birthday party)

 Thanks Mimi and Grandad for my Heroica Lego game!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Since we're not huge cake eaters 'round these parts and he was having a birthday party a couple of days later, Ezra was perfectly content just have his candles in his specially-chosen cotton candy ice cream (which is as...umm....delicious as it sounds).  I do so love his face in this picture.  It's just so perfectly Ezra to me.

Now...onto the party!
 (warning: I'm pretty crappy about taking pictures...and party planning...there was a ginormous smudge on the upper-right corner of the don't expect a whole lot of fabulousness, ok?)

The kiddos (Scarlett, Simon Moon, Ezra, Liam Staggs, Georgia, and Jack Moon (Simon's little brother)) doing some coloring and dot-to-dots provided by the Lego website.

We decorated graham crackers with sprees and frosting to look like Legos.   It was actually one of my very favorite parts of the party.  I got the idea from here, but they used sugar cookies rectangles instead.  I'm really glad we used graham cracker because then the kids could break them up into lots of different sizes of rectangles and squares (not to mention loads easier for me).  You can also see a bit of the Lego mural I did on the wall behind.  I got the Lego template from here. We also played I Spy the Lego Guy and used the juice box template from that site too.

Oakie mostly just wandered around stealing food while the big kids played.

Everyone knows that a Lego party needs a Lego cake...obviously.
Happy Birthday, Ezra Emil!

Moving right along...
to Miss Scarlett's 4th!

 My wispy 29lb Birthday Girl who somehow managed to give herself a double chin in this picture.

Obviously, she is loved this many presents-worth.

Thanks Mimi and Grandad!

I love this so much, Auntie Lib and fam, that I will peer out at you from behind it like a creepy gremlin.

You can tell by my extra-wide Excited Eyes just how much I love your gift, Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks Auntie Steph and fam!

The Birthday Girl with her cupcake flower cake, provided by Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Scarlett Caroline!

As an added bonus...I'll throw in a post-primary program picture!

The kids all did absolutely stellar.  Ezra waltzed right up and did his duty singing and reciting his not-very-small part.  He just took the whole thing in stride and didn't even stick around for accolades before trucking off to primary afterwards.  Poor little man ended up coming down with a fever by the end of church, hence the pained look in this picture, but he made sure to do his primary duty first :).  Georgia was a little nervous before going up onto the stand, but once Mimi reassured her she could look at our faces and wave whenever she needed to, she was good to go (and very liberal with the hand-waving:).  I loved seeing her little face up there, working so hard to remember all the songs and her lines, with the occasional smile when she caught our eyes.  Scarlett spent most of her time wiggling in her chair, hanging off of the front of the stand, playing with her teacher's tie (bless his heart), and taking her sweater off and on, but when she did get around to singing, it was lovely.  She also said her little part well after trying to pull the microphone down to her level (not that I blame her, it was well above her short little Sunbeam head).  I didn't know whether to laugh at her or shake my head in exasperation.  Pretty sure I did a lot of both.  Really, though, I'm so proud of all of them.  It does my mama heart proud to see all three of them up there on the stand.  Love you, my babies!

The End!

Coming soon...
Halloween Festivities!!!


Melanie said...

So delightful! You are an awesome mom- I'm so impressed that you can pull off multiple birthdays in the midst of Halloween craziness!

Kristin Hanson said...

Never fear - no kid is going to hate if the party isnt an Amy Atlas designed one. Or photographed to perfection. Its a complete shame we live so far apart - our girls are sooo much alike. Happy. Birthday to Ezra and Scarlet! Cant believe how much time has flown by since Ezra was that adorable baby with the charming grin.

Kristin Hanson said...

(Excuse my horrible ipad typing)

cooper said...

So. so. funny. I am seriously a fan of you and your kiddies. :) Yay for Ezzie's BIG 7th birthday!! I love when the kids get so excited for their gifts. Ez's face is adorable in his ice cream picture. I do agree. Awesome job on the party!! It seriously looks like the kids had so much fun. The graham cracker sprees look great!!
K, so I laughed so hard at the double-chinned daughter picture. How did she manage that?? What doesn't say "I love your present!" more than a creepy gremlin peer?? I can't say I can think of one. Also, a big-eyed pic of Scarlie?? I'll take it...even if she wasn't looking at the camera. :) Yay!! I'm so glad she loves her poodle. I can't wait to hear it's name. :) Hooray Scarlett for a super 4th birthday!! I sure love that little sprite.
All I could think when I saw the pic of those three after their program was how beautiful they are. I sure love them. I laughed (again) so hard over Scarlett's rendition of "reverent" for the Primary Program. That girl has so much sunshine inside her she can't keep from letting it wiggle out. Hooray for an uber post. I love 'em and can't wait for the Halloween one!! Hugs and kisses to you all!!