Sunday, December 9, 2012

One month older...and wiser too!

Oak Gideon turned a big 18 months on Friday and so begins his nursery career.  I can't even believe he's getting so old! He's an extremely active, social guy, with smiles and giggles all around.  He's almost completely non-verbal (which is a big change from my other three early and fluent talkers), but between pointing, stomping his little feet, and squealing he still manages to make his wishes and opinions known.  Dogs are his favorite things ever and "ruff ruff" is the only animal noise he imitates.  He loves balls and will throw most anything, round or otherwise.  He is one of my happiest and destructive kids, hands down.  We love you, Oakie Boy! Happy 18 months!


Kim said...

I miss him!!!!! And all of you guys! I swear, I cannot read your blog anymore because I realize that there's this giant void in my heart where those kids are supposed to be!

cooper said...

Yay, Oakie for turning the BIg 1-8 mos. Such a big-boy milestone. I always am amazed when my kids get big enough to go into nursery. It's a relief to be able to be free to do what I need to during church, but also kinda odd not to have them constantly by my side. He is such a happy, fun-loving little man. I can't wait to see that toothy smile!!

Aubrey said...

Oh my word - I can't believe he is getting so old either! That's incredible. And such a handsome little boy. Although can we have an Hallelujah for nursery! I'm always relieved when we finally hit that magical age of 18 months.