Tuesday, November 13, 2012

October uber-post, part II

Apparently my "next day" turned out to be more than a weeks.  Oops!  Oh well, better late then never, right?  Anyway, hopefully it's not too too ridiculous to post Halloween pictures half-way through November, 'cause I'm doing it anyway.  Enjoy!

What's Halloween without traditonal jack-o-laterns?  No Halloween I want to be a part of, that's what ;)  Here's ours:

Georgia with her pumpkin, pre-cutting
(and yes, as in years past, pumpkin carving is a clothing-optional event at our house)

This is how Oak was entertained to keep him away from all the knives and pumpkin goo
...it worked for a little while, anyway.

Even pumpkin carving is worthy of pearls, according to Miss Scarlett

Poor Ezzie was sick with a fever.  He couldn't help but fully show his pain with his big puppy dog eyes when he saw me pull out the camera.

Leave it to Spencer to pull out the powertools for pumpkin carving.

Georgia was not a fan of the slimy pumpkin goop (she's my texture girl) but she was a trooper and kinda, sorta helped out.
ok...mostly she just posed for pictures with a spoon in her hand.

Proof that I exist
(and that Oak did, eventually, make his way out of the high chair)

Poor, sick Ezra with his finished product.
He directed the carving from his throne of germs

A smiley pumpkin for our smiley girl

Georgia with the finished product
(those long things on the side is the hair...in case, you know, you aren't in the girly-girl loop)

Now onto the blessed event, itself...
man, do I love that holiday.
 Ezra did it hardcore, ninja-style.  He insisted on not one, but TWO kinds of weapons (you can see his sword sticking out by his neck).  Spencer, of course, provided with his mad cutting skills.
Sorry you can't see much of his eyes in this photo..but who am I kidding?  You can't seem much of his eyes in most any photo.

First off, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Auntie Steph and Ella for loaning us the dresses for Georgia and Scarlett's costumes!!!

Our pretty, pretty princess, Cinderella.
When I pointed out to Georgia that she was a princess last year too, she just as quickly pointed out that she was not this princess, which, as any girl worth her salt knows, is definitely an important difference.

I just couldn't resist giving into Scarlett's life-long dream of being Snow White since Miss G got to be Cinderella.  Who can resist a set?

Speaking of which...
Introducing, Happy, The Dwarf
I, of course, had to make Oak match the set while he still doesn't know well enough to resist.  Can you blame a girl?

 The whole brood

And, despite the fact that these pictures are from the weekend before Halloween during Trunk-or-Treat, I couldn't resist posting them.

Back by popular demand...
The Communists
Spencer insisted I couldn't smile for pictures (eveyone knows that communists don't smile), so, of course, I just look like I'm smirking in all of them.

We gave out borscht and bread (along with candy...although the kids did have to dig through the bread to get to it) like good, proper Soviets would.

(In case y'all are wondering, Spencer served his mission in Russia and while most boys come home with nice things like Matryoshka nesting dolls, my husband came back with loads of communist paraphernalia.  Smart girl that I am...I put it to use.  We also printed a few Soviet propaganda posters off at Costco...I can only wonder what the photo shop people were thinking ;)


On the 29th we got to go to Georgia's school to celebrate her winning a citizenship award (along with one student from each class).  This is the uber-cool shirt she got as her reward.
Congrats, Congrats, Miss Georgie-Girl! We're so darn proud of you!

Ok, folks, that's a wrap!  We made it through October.  yay! yay!


Kristin Hanson said...

E says the same thing each year - although, it's only a few weeks past Halloween and she's already stressing that she doesn't know which princess to be next year. Ah, the unkown is hard for her.

Love Oak's costume! And Ezra looks totally legit, with his narrow eyed glared. The girls are beautiful, as always. Yay for loaners from cousins!

sharon said...

Love the costumes, The princesses were so elegant in their finery, and Ez made an excellent Ninja. Oak is so darn cute he makes anything look good. I'm telling you Whit, Scarlett could pass for one of Liberty's munchkins. Looks like a fun October!

cooper said...

Loved it!! Poor little Ezzie sure looked like he didn't feel well carving pumpkins. I'm glad he had a clean bill of health for Halloween. Your pumpkins all turned out so cute. Very fitting for each personality. :) I did think it was personality-appropriate that G was a nuddie-pants and Scarlie was in pearls for the occasion. ;)
I loved all the costumes!! You out-did yourself, as always. They all looked so darn cute. Oakie sure looked the part of Happy. :)
I loved that you posted pictures of your Communist stint. So funny. I've actually never seen it. Makes me laugh. As soon as you wrote you wrote that you printed off posters at Costco, I had the same thought...what in the world did they think of them?? :) So funny.
Hooray Miss Georgia!! Yay for good citizenship. I'm so proud of her. She sure rocks that 80's/90's sweatshirt. That girl can pull anything off and make it look cute. :)
Thanks for the post. I loved every bit of it. I'll have to show the kiddos it in the morning. They'll eat it up. :)

Kim said...

Yay! I loved Oak's costume. So awesome. I was pretty bummed when I checked the next day to see your part 2 and it wasn't up. But it was worth the wait :)