Sunday, May 26, 2013

To my Georgia, on her 6th Birthday

Oh Georgia, my Georgia, today, as with so many days previously, I honestly just don't know what to do with you.   I heard a quote today where a father (talking about their own sassy-pants little girl) said, "You know, she might be the Spawn of Satan but I love her so freakin' much."  And that, Miss G, (despite the inappropriateness of starting a birthday letter with it) is the gospel truth about you.  You are a handful.  The true definition of a firecracker incarnate. You perplex, frustrate, infuriate, amuse, and completely delight me.  Often, you are utterly beastly.  You bite your sister, kick your dad's shins, screech at us all until you're hoarse, and nearly (and occasionally actually) bring me to tears.  On those days, I pretty much just want to sell you to the gypsies (believe me, you'd fit right in) or leave you out for the fairies to take back like the changeling you are.  But then you smirk like an imp, your eyes sparkle, you twirl and dance, and I remember just why it is I love you as much as I do.

Which I do, Georgie-Girl. so, so, so much.

You're a walking contradiction, Georgia Me.  You're completely rough 'n' tumble, have zero problem keeping up with the boys, eat like a mountain man, and are ridiculously competitive, but you still love all things princess, pink, and sparkly.  In your opinion, flowers must be picked, dresses must be twirled, and lips must be glossed.  You're just that kind of girl.  Heaven forbid we try to brush your hair, though (you'd think after 6 years you'd learn that it's a daily must-do).  You are truly the ultimate sparkle-clad warrior princess.

In last year's birthday letter, I told about the Shakespeare quote we hang above your bed, "Though she be but little, she is fierce." It was as if that old bard wrote that with you in mind.  Just for kicks and giggles I looked up the definition of the word fierce in good ol' Merriam Webster and this is what they had to say...

fierce: adjective
1 a: violently hostile or aggressive in temperament
   b: given to fighting or killing
2: marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence
3: furiously active or determined
4: wild or menacing in appearance

Could they possibly have imagined a better word to describe you?  I know, I know, people will read that list and think I'm a horrible mother for comparing it to my beautiful, curly-haired, blue-eyed daughter.  But when I read that definition, I see words like zeal, determined, wild, and yeah, ok, aggressive...but let's be honest, you are aggressive.  It really does fit you oh-so-well.  While I don't always love how difficult your determination and zeal make it to be your mama, I still wouldn't take those traits away from you.  They make you who you are, Georgia Marie.  They give you your strength.  You have strength to move mountains, my baby girl, if you will only harness it in the right direction.  Use that zeal and focus for good, Georgia, and there's nothing in this world to stop you.  Don't forget, though, to counter-balance your aggression with kindness.  People love you, Georgia.  They see your sparkle and energy and are drawn to it like moths to a flame.  Be nice to them, my dear.  Always remember to be kind.  That's the mark of a true Lady. It's not in the ribbons and's in how you treat those around you.

You still adore all things mermaid and princess. Pink is still, predictably, your favorite color.  You absolutely adore listening, singing, and dancing to any and all music, with most anything by pop female singers being your top picks, (right now you won't stop singing this song).  You've finally decided to wear pants and shorts again (glory hallelujah!), although dresses are still your top choice.  Auntie Steph and Aunt Kim are your favorite people in the entire world (normally I don't name favorites, but you make your preferences painfully obvious to all admirers).  Your best friends are Baleigh (from school), Kai (from church), and your BFF and cousin, Ella.  Even though you fight like cats and dogs with Scarlett, when she's not around, you simply don't know what to do with yourself (seriously, you wander around like a little lost orphan).  You two lay up in bed, chatting and giggling long into the nights (naughty imps that you are).  Remember to always treasure her, Georgia.  I know you don't know it now, but sisters are gold.  She will be there with you forever.

I love you so much, Georgie, that it makes my heart ache.  I love your crazy gypsy personality.  I love your multi-toned blonde curls and almond shaped blue eyes.  I love you so, so, so very much.  I really don't know what to do with you in the day-to-day, but rumor has it my mom didn't know much what to do with me either when I lowered my brows and dug in my heels.  Maybe that's why I manage to kinda-sorta-maybe handle you most days.  I see so much of myself in you.  Which gives me hope that when we're on the other side of this, you'll be proud to see me in you too.

Oh Georgia, my Georgia, you are such an amazing little spirit.  You are such an incredible mix of intensity, tenderness, strength, and vulnerability all mixed into one.  You were my very first baby girl and you add so much richness, passion, and life to our home. You make my life so. much. better.  Happy, Happy Birthday, my baby girl.  I can't even believe you are a big six years old.  You are such a special girl, Georgia Marie.  I love you!

Happy Birthday Miss Georgia!


Adrienne said...

She's adorable. love it! fierceness and all.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I'm ecstatic to have officially made the favorite list! I love love love her right back (maybe too much:).

She looks so much like Ezra in that last picture...

Nita Digirolamo said...

What a sweet girl! I know it's hard to raise a child. Nobody can ever prepare you for that. You are doing just right; I can tell by your words. She deserves one good birthday party. How was the party? I hope everybody had a great time, especially Georgia!

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