Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School, Miss S Edition (& Oak's life on Baby)

Miss Scarlett has been ready and waiting to go to school for so darn long!  She was absolutely thrilled when her turn finally came yesterday.  yay! yay! for Pre-K!

 Ahhh, love that happy girl smile!

showin' off her [ginormous] bedazzled cheetah print backpack
I never thought it was possible for a four year old to have a signature print...but this girl does

In other news...

this is Oak's life.

this is Oak's life with Fischer.

poor, poor boy.

who would've thought such a cute little face could wreak so much havoc?


holyoak said...

Just send Oak on down to live with Granddad. We'll ride horses, fish in the ponds, eat popsicles... life would be just fine! But, who could resist little Fischer Jack?! My guess is that Oak will warm up to the idea of a little brother quickly.

holyoak said...

I'd say from here, Scarlett looks MORE than greatly excited about going to school. And wow! that is a fine looking cheetah print backpack! You gotta love the girl for her style!!