Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oak's Birthday Camp-Out (birthday catch-up, part II)

Remember a reeeeally long time ago when I promised to post Oak's birthday pictures (which happened on *cough*June 7th*cough*).  Well, I've been on an insane nesting frenzy since then and haven't had a chance to get it done until now.  I rarely nest productively since typically the last month of my pregnancy is filled to the brim with other must-do jobs (important things like packing up my belongs, moving them across the country or city, and unpacking them...).  So, it's been a nice change to actually have a chance to funnel all that nesting energy to things I just want to get done, like spray-painting everything in sight and sewing baby blankets.  Anyway, without further ado, here's Oakie's 2nd Birthday:

Poor Oakie, he, quiet honestly, had a truly awful 2nd birthday.  He was fighting off a fever, fell out of the suburban onto the driveway and got a HUGE goose egg and scrape on his forehead, and just was all-around miserable.  We tried our darnedest to help him have fun and went camping, regardless.  I know, I know, that makes us seem cruel but Oak handles things best with a heavy dose of distraction.  He managed to enjoy himself a bit on his actual birthday and was in a much better mood the next day while camping and hiking.

Checkin' out The Incredibles
Oakie is my movie addict.  The kid would watch movies all. day. long. if I let him.

We all know the actual opening of the presents is the best part of present-opening for a 2 year old

Don't be fooled by his look of excitement.  He actually ended up hating this doll and still much prefers his sisters' baby princess dolls.

Love this one of the 2 (outta 3) boys!

Playing in the water down by the lake definitely helped improve his mood
(every time I see this picture I think about how he should have an undershirt on.  That's your voice in my head, Lib ;)

He wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, obviously...

(yes, I know those last two pictures are almost identical, but I couldn't resist posting them both)
(also, I don't know where Ezra was.  I think maybe he headed back up to camp when I came down to the shore with the camera...that or we don't love him as much.)

My great little eater didn't complain a single bit when he got dutch oven peach cobbler instead of birthday cake :)
(the candles, however, did complain while melting almost immediately)

My oldest three the next morning lounging by the fire

Gearing up for the hike!

Ezra being horribly disobedient and climbing down the edge of a mini-rock cliff to the water.
I was going to say this photo is proof that we love him enough to take an occasional picture of him...but then I realized it's also proof that I'm letting him recklessly put himself in danger.  So, you'll just have to decide whether or not you think we love him as much as the other three.

 Enjoying the view of the lake

During our mid-hike refueling break

Oak is literally manhandling Scarlett out of his backpack here.  He's extremely possessive of it, even during downtime and will kick Scarlett out of it anytime she gets uppity and forgets her place.

There was gobs of animals to be found on our hike including a couple of turtles, multiple lizards, and a few frogs (not to mention literally HUNDREDS of ticks).

Well, folks, that's all for that.  Next up...the maternity shoot post!
(unless I have this baby before I get around to it.  no promises.)


Cheyenne Holyoak said...

Looks like so much fun! I am still voting for little Jethro to arrive on the 28th:)

sharon said...

Looks like everyone had fun. I so love Scarlett's glasses. She is such a fashionesta.

Kim said...

Oh that looks so fun! and that Oak just likes to roll with the punches! Cute pictures. Very much justified to put both of those pics of the girls:)